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Open Office Hours

To better support each other.

Open Office Hours: News & Resources

General Information


I receive many emails from (minoritised) students or scholars all around the world, who would like to discuss their education, research, or academic career. An email exchange is not always the best option to have a meaningful conversation. Thus, I hold these open office hours to better support those from minoritised backgrounds.


We will meet for 15 mins and discuss whatever (academic) topic you bring. For this to be effective, I advise you to come up with clear and specific questions/topics in mind. These can be, for example, about your research interests, the problems you experience in academia, or your grad school applications.


Anyone from anywhere in the world. I especially encourage those who enter academia from untraditional or less privileged backgrounds.


The meetings will take place online. You can book a 15-minute slot by clicking the "Book" button below.

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