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Marginalised Academics in Psychology (MAP) List

To increase access and opportunities for minoritised academics in psychology.

I'm a minoritised academic, but I have my own privileges (such as getting a PhD in the UK and being able to afford networking internationally), and I'd like to use my privileges to help others in academia.

I'm in touch with lots of academics (or soon-to-be academics) from minoritised backgrounds, and they have been asking me about how to make themselves more visible internationally, how to get invited to review papers for journals, how to give invited talks, etc. Others from privileged backgrounds have also been asking me about how they can reach and connect with minoritised academics.

So, I created this list to navigate these questions. If you receive or ask similar questions, please use the MAP list to find and support academics from minoritised backgrounds. If you consider yourself a minoritised academic, please fill out this form to be added to the MAP list and (hopefully) get more academic opportunities at the international level. You can contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks very much in advance!

Minority Academics in Psychology (MAP) List: Courses
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